Alcohol Addiction Counseling


As a recovering addict and alcoholic myself, I really enjoy working with folks around the symptomatic use of either alcohol or drugs as well as process or activity behaviors such as the abusive use of sex.

Because I am in recovery myself, I do not believe it is helpful to take a judgmental approach to these situations. Rather, I think it is so much more productive to explore the why and how we are attempting to talk to ourselves through these naturally self-soothing behaviors. Understanding the anatomy of our symptomatic behaviors helps us understand what the deeper need is and the deeper pain we are most likely struggling with in our lives.

From my own personal and professional experience, I have come to understand that every addiction has its own unique signature. For instance, I think many times, alcohol is an escape we use to deal with perfectionist expectations we might have of others and ourselves. The same can be said for the use of recreational or prescription drugs.

In the end, following the old counseling dictum, "ally yourself with the symptom" because investigation is always more productive than condemnation.