Seattle Sex Addiction Counseling


I often talk to my clients that I really believe there are two activities in our lives that are usually metaphorical. One is sex and the other is money.

Underneath it all, we often use sex and money as a conduit to act out deeper needs such as intimacy, connection, worth, purpose, power and validation. I think this is especially true when we might reach a point in our lives when we find we are using sex in an exploratory way that might create conflicts or problems in other arenas of our lives.

Rather than see the situation as an irreconcilable crisis in our lives, I like to work with clients and help them see this as a deeply meaningful mystery process in which the addiction itself is the guide. To use the patterned behaviors we have developed for ourselves with sex as clues in helping us uncover and own more significant parts of our personhood and desires for what we need in a quality existence that we may have neglected or disowned. We are built to be sexual beings. It is so important that we can own a sexual life that we can be proud of and fulfilled.

Some sexual addiction statistics:

  • The National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity estimated that 6%-8% of Americans are sex addicts, which is 18-24 million people.
  • 25 million Americans visit porn sites between 1-10 hours per week. Another 4.7 million in excess of 11 hours per week. (MSNBC/Stanford/Duquesne Study, Washington Times, 1/26/2000)
  • Adults admitting to Internet sexual addiction: 10%, of which 28% are women (Internet Filter Review)
  • Sex is the #1 searched-on topic on the Internet
    (Dr. Robert Weiss, Sexual Recovery Institute, Washington Times, 1/26/2000)